• Barrisol® Inspiration & Innovation Book

    Modernized and updated, the new Welcome brochure presents in detail all Barrisol products. Illustrated by numerous realizations, this brochure of more than 80 pages is your best communication tool to present all the Barrisol solutions to your clients.

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  • Barrisol® L'ESSENTIAL

    Our new brochure «L'ESSENTIEL» presents all the new Barrisol® products. Illustrated by numerous designs, this 300 page brochure is the best way to present the Barrisol® range to your clients.

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  • Barrisol® Colours & finishes

    Discover the new Barricouleur, a complete presentation of the Barrisol colours and finishes, & most technical informations you need ! Translated in 5 languages. The essencial tool associated to the Barricarte, available right now!.

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  • Barrisol Light®

    Barrisol® Lumière® invites light into interior spaces. Light sources are placed above the translucent Barrisol® membrane which diffuses the light in a pleasant homogenous way for the entire interior space.

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  • Barrisol Chronos®

    This sheet allows the transmission of light
    and colours... and it is printable!

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  • Barrisol Mirror®

    Remarkably, Barrisol Mirror® combines
    the reflective power of a mirror and the
    technical characteristics of stretched
    Barrisol® membranes to create a perfect illusion and “extend” your interior,
    giving the impression of space.

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  • Barrisol Clim® Advanced Care Solutions®

    Thanks to the consistent wall temperatures, the
    natural air flow and the large heat-exchanging
    surface of the ceiling, Barrisol® Clim® provides
    unparalleled comfort whether heating or cooling
    your home.

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  • Barrisol® Print your mind®

    Print photos, patterns, logos of your choice on your ceilings and walls to create your own interior design.

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