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Barrisol Thailand



Sound absorbing system

MICROSORBER® by Barrisol® is an innovative sound comfort optimizer reducing sound reflexion thanks to the use of a micro perforated foil.
As soon as sound waves strike the microperforated surface, a physical reaction takes place: sound energy is converted into energy through the friction arising at the hole edges reducing reverberation times and sound levels at the same time. 

Microsorber<sup>®</sup> by Barrisol<sup>®</sup> :: Sound absorbing system

Reverberation times and sound levels are reduced significantly.

Whether in open-plan offices, canteens, swimming pools, production sites or entrance halls – the MICROSORBER® principle of transparent sound absorption allows for creativity in the design of buildings where room acoustics play a crucial role.

MICROSORBER® can be installed in front of walls and glass façades and below ceilings. Various systems for fastening the foil make it possible to attach and detach individual elements with ease.

More about the MICROSORBER® Barrisol® system by visiting our website :


MICROSORBER® acoustic and confinement partitions

Light and unobtrusive, Microsorber® partitions provide effective separation in your workspaces without affecting the brightness of your offices. Give free rein to your imagination by modulating your spaces thanks to these Microsorber® partitions.


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